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Select Default Sound Render Device (using undocumented COM-interface IPolicyConfig).

System Requirements: Microsoft Windows Vista and later
Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2013:

Run without parameters for show system tray icon

  • right click: opens a context menu quick-change sound render device (audio endpoint)
  • left double click: switch to next sound render device (audio endpoint)
  • GDI+ hint on device switch

Commad line parameters:

DefSound.exe <DEVICE>[,DEVICE...] [ROLE] If you supply -1, it will switch to next sound render device (audio endpoint)
If you specify more than one device, then the list will be rotated so that the default device is the latest. Example:
Default device before Command line Default device after
2 DefSound.exe 0,1,2 0
0 DefSound.exe 0,1,2 1
1 DefSound.exe 0,1,2 2

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